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How To Post In Different Pages Of Blogger

Here some people ask questions that how to publish a post in a separate page of a blogger like other websites. But any way blogger is only used for a short information but people make it dynamic websites.

1. First  you should show your pages in top tabs and then make a post and Label it name to which page it will belong to. For example you want to make a page of Tips And Tricks so and want to publish posts in it so Every post belongs to Tips And Tricks should have the same label for example you label it Tips.

2. Now open a post of Tips And Tricks and go to bottom of post there you will find the label which you gave before. Click on that Label and what it becomes in that upper www box. Copy the URL of that Label.

3. Now come to pages and click go to New Page so there you should click on Web Address. Now type your page name for example Tips And Tricks and then paste that label URL in the page URL box. then see your every post that labels Tips will become in Tips And Tricks page.

Summary:Its a kind of trick by which we navigate all articles which have the same label and show it on different page.


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